Jesus Was Guilty of Capital Offenses But He Was Right


This present reality is entangled in a universal conflict between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Individuals are zeroing in on each new turn of events, seeking divine intervention to God for Divine Intervention to end the contention. Individuals are feeling the loss of the 10,000 foot view and they are not seeing the underlying foundations of the issue. Assuming you have a weed it does no decent to take your lawnmower and cut off the highest point of the weed. You want to get down on all fours with your two dollar weeder and take out the underlying foundations of the weed any other way it will simply proceed to get back perpetually. The charge that the Jewish nation in Jerusalem killed Jesus a long time back in Jerusalem is a noxious weed that should be gotten rid of right now before driving all of us into termination in Nuclear World War 3 is permitted.


Up to this point the deception that the Jewish public killed Jesus Christ has caused the Crusades, a long term Inquisition in Europe, the massacres and World War 2, otherwise known as “The War Against the Jews” for killing Jesus Christ which caused the deficiency of 6 million Jews and 14 million Christians. Everything and everyone opposes the Jewish public and the   Buy propen cartridges online      place that is known for Israel. This is clear from the democratic at the United Nations. The Christian nations are against the Jewish nation since they have been instructed that Jews are Christ killing fallen angels as the New Testament says, and the Muslims are against the Jews in light of the fact that the Koran guarantees them everlasting heaven with 72 virgins, perfectly clear springs and perpetual wine with no secondary effects in the event that they “Make War on the Christians and Jews.” (Koran Sura 9:29-30; Sura 56). The issue is that Earth is a small round ball with one roundabout sky. Israel has a huge atomic stockpile. The atomic bombs today are a large number of times more remarkable than the ones out of 1945. Rather than 2 atomic bombs on Earth like in 1945 there are currently 50,000.


When, not assuming that little Israel is gone after and is going to go down it will shoot an atomic flood at the Muslim world and bring it down with her. The breeze in the small Earth’s one round sky will blow the radioactive mushroom mists directly over Europe and Russia and Africa. The Russians are as of now offering weapons to Iran and Syria and They are giving them to Hezbollah and other Muslim gatherings and nations. When Russia and China and Europe see the dark purple radioactive downpour start to fall on their kin, they will turn out to be extremely irate and in retribution they will enter the atomic conflict and life on Earth will be cleared out until the end of time. Any atomic researcher will let you know that atomic universal conflict 3 and its ramifications atomic winter then bright summer will deliver all life on Earth wiped out until the end of time.


America and Russia both knew this during the virus war and therefore they never went to atomic conflict against one another. They called it MAD, commonly guaranteed annihilation. America won’t ever permit Shiite Iran to have atomic weapons in light of the fact that the Muslim public can hardly hold on to pass on in self destruction bomb assaults to get to everlasting heaven with God of Mount Sinai also known as Allah. The Christian Americans are anticipating the Apocalypse since they accept that the Apocalypse will proclaim in the coming of the Messiah Jesus Christ who will bring another world and world harmony for 1,000 years. The New Testament is likewise Muslim Holy Scripture and Jesus Christ is additionally the Muslim Messiah, alongside the Mahdi.


The Prophet Isaiah said that when the Messiah came he would determine the distinctions between individuals of Earth which would prompt world harmony. (Isaiah 2:1-5). Just The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion does this, including clearing up everything about the enthusiasm of the Christ in 10 straightforward simple to follow pages on the web for nothing so anyone might be able to see, with Biblical references. For the Christian nation to in any case accept that the Jews killed Jesus one would imagine that the Earth had no legal counselors. It is a basic matter of applying current realities of the case to the law at that point and afterward making a decision about the case for yourself.


At the point when a researcher has a hypothesis he distributes it in overall logical diaries and requests that different researchers assault the hypothesis to check whether it holds up. The answer for the Jesus case on The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion site has been perused by researchers all over the planet for 1 ½ years and there hasn’t been single word of protest. The arrangement is so self-evident, so extremely basic. To pay attention to the T.V. ministers one would imagine that there is consistent arrangement that each word in the Holy Bible came straightforwardly from God of Mount Sinai otherwise known as God the Father also known as Jesus, Allah, Elohim and so forth.


One should accept the Old Testament, the New Testament, Bible grant and logical truth to address the case. On Mount Sinai God declared 613 charges. The Biblical Prophets including Jesus Christ shouted unendingly directly in your Holy Bible that main 10 precepts came from God and the other 603 were frauds composed many years after Moses passed on and marked “God” by the Bible composing Priests and Prophets. Each Biblical prophet said that when the Messiah came he would wash away, eradicate, erase, nullify these 603 man and lady made edicts. The issue was that to do so overstepped 2 tremendous regulations in the Old Testament which were both deserving of death. Jesus Christ did this to save your lives. Everybody realizes that Jesus let everybody know that the expression of God “tit for tat” was off-base and that individuals ought to accept punishment silently. This was only a hint of something larger in which Jesus in the Bible canceled every one of the 613 of God’s regulations. To do this was to commit capital offenses declared by God of Mount Sinai in the Holy Bible. On top of this The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion additionally shows that the Roman public were likewise not at fault for killing Jesus.


We should all presently uncover the conspicuous lie that the Jews killed Jesus Christ before this harmful weed ascends by and by as it generally does and prompts the annihilation of Israel and afterward all life on Earth for eternity. It is to everybody’s greatest advantage. Jesus Christ was at legitimate fault for capital offenses deserving of death in your Holy Bible yet he was correct, and he spread out the arrangement for the endurance of humanity solidly in your Holy Bible. Click on The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion site now and view it. Your arrangements lead to annihilation. Jesus’ arrangement prompts your endurance. Start to utilize your own personalities and your own encounters and your own insight and your own good judgment now to save yourselves before it’s past the point of no return. Divine force of Mount Sinai is reality and the life and the way yet you want to know what your God of Mount Sinai said, at The Temple of Love. Your God’s arrangement is straightforward and it works. It was supported by Moses, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad directly in your Holy Bibles. Go see, and instruct it to your kids and their youngsters. Their lives rely on it, as does yours. Jesus said, “You resist gnats however you gulp down camels.” This present reality is fixated on the homicide of the heavenly messenger JonBenet Ramsey while clearing up everything for the last time about the homicide of Jesus Christ will stop the main competitor to set off Armageddon. Are there any legal counselors on Earth? This is The Appeal.

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