Beach Front Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica

Tamarindo is a beach town community located on the Northwest Pacific coast. It is unanimously called one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the country, or even the world over. For one thing, the beach itself is luminous, filled with the whitest of sands and the deepest blue water that you’ve ever seen! This makes the area ideal for surfing enthusiasts, beginners and experienced alike. In addition to the beaches, the animal life of Costa Rica has to be seen to be believed. Tamarindo has been called a nature paradise, and is the natural home to many species of exotic birds, monkeys, lizards and turtles.

The Playa Grande beach is just north of Taramindo while the Playa Langosta is to the area’s south. This makes Taramindo a nice “home base” when it comes to planning your day’s events. You can treat yourself to exciting activities including water sports like sailing, first class sport fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling 먹튀검증. If you have more fun on land then check out the areas for horseback riding, golfing and Costa Rica tours. You can see the best of the country by way of ATV, canopy or jungle safari boat ride.

What should you know about the community of a beachfront vacation rental in Costa Rica? The townspeople are diversified as they come from many different countries and are friendly to tourists, especially knowing that tourism is one of the country’s biggest industries! Taramindo’s recent popularity has actually made it one of the best locations in the country, in terms of swimming and surfing. At one time it was a quiet and relatively unknown pueblo. Years after endless summers were discovered by tourists and avid surfers it is now a thriving community, complete with restaurants, grocery stores, art galleries and souvenir shops. American tourists have nothing to fear, as there is a medical clinic nearby, full service banks, ATM machines, Internet cafes to keep an eye on things back home, and a small Casino.

The Tamarindo Beach Condo brings you the full Costa Rica experience. The Condo is located at the top floor of the Sunrise Condominium Complex, giving residents a perfect view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Rentals give you luxury rooms that are spacious, very secure (24 hour security) and secluded away from the main street action. When you’re not surfing you can dip into the oversized swimming pool, relax on the king or queen sized master beds and check your email with your laptop on a free high speed DSL connection (in most units).

Costa Rica offers some of the best beaches in the world, a tropical paradise with warm weather and sunshine and a multi-cultural community that truly befits the term “exotic vacation.” The Tamarindo Beach Condo offers you convenience and luxury as well as the coast’s natural beauty. Vacationing in the Tamarindo Beach Condo means you are just a short walk away from the hottest parts of town and the most stunning beaches you have ever seen – especially if you’re never left the states!

What better way to say I love you then a romantic beachfront vacation rental in Costa Rica? If you have a family then the young ones will no doubt love the sporting activities and animal life just the same. In Costa Rica the summer never ends, whether you vacation in July or January. Come see why tourists call it a tropical paradise and why beach town residents call it home.

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