Tips For Visiting Andros Island Bahamas

Are you planning to visit Andros island Bahamas? If yes, then you are at the right place! The island of Andros is part of an archipelago within the Bahamas, and is the largest island among the 700 Bahamian islands. In fact, it covers more land area than all of the other islands combined. If you are traveling to Andros, you’ll need to know a few tips before heading out to the island.

The rugged and beautiful landscape of Andros is a natural attraction, and visitors will be rewarded with breathtaking sunsets, unspoiled beaches, and plenty of fresh andros island bahamas seafood. However, you should be careful not to get stung by the poisonwood tree, which can leave an uncomfortable rash. There are plenty of other attractions to explore on Andros, such as diving, bonefishing, and snorkeling. To make the most of your trip, you’ll want to pack some water and sunscreen and stay a while.

The western coast of the island has a rich ecosystem of bays, channels, and inlets. The clear waters of the ocean are home to many marine animals, including starfish, sea turtles, dolphins, and whales. Andros’s pelagic ecosystem is a perfect setting for snorkeling and SCUBA diving, and visitors can explore the island’s underwater cave systems. In fact, the West Side National Park is the largest protected area in the entire Bahamas, and its pristine coastal wetlands make it an ideal place to visit for wildlife viewing.

Andros was once home to the Lucayans, but Europeans were the first to discover the islands. The indigenous population of Andros was estimated at around forty thousand Lucayan-Tainos. They were later joined by the British, who granted them huge tracts of land to plant a coconut and banana plantation. Andros and New Providence are connected by bridges, and a disruption of their connection would disrupt the entire ecosystem.

Another attraction of Andros Island is the world-famous Andros Barrier Reef. This barrier reef is the second largest in the western hemisphere and extends 140 miles along the east coast of the island. This reef is also home to one of the deepest underwater caves in the world, the Tongue of the Ocean. Aside from the natural beauty of Andros, the island is home to several unique natural attractions.

With over two thousand square miles of protected nature reserve, Andros is a natural paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. Hundreds of varieties of plants and animals live on the island. Birdwatching is another popular pastime. Andros is home to several endemic species as well as migratory birds and some rare tropical butterflies. There are several settlements on Andros, including San Andros, Lowe Sound, Stanard Creek, Cargill Creek, and Calabash Bay.

The island’s mythology traces its history to the ancient times, with stories of pirates, such as the Chickcharney, who roamed the islands with Seminole Indians. In the nineteenth century, the island’s Loyalists settled there. Cotton and sisal were grown on Andros. Sponging was also an important industry. In the early 20th century, freed slaves migrated to the island, and Seminole Indians arrived as settlers. The island’s crustacean population has become an important attraction for visitors. In fact, the island hosts an annual Crab Fest each year.

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