How Do Airsoft Guns Work?

 How Do Airsoft Guns Work?


Many people have no clue how an airsoft gun actually works. This guide will explain the technical details of how the different types of airsoft guns actually operate. You .38 special ammo  may be amazed when you find out just how simple these guns actually are (even the fully automatic electric AEG guns).

The spring powered airsoft guns (or “sniper rifles”) work just like a real pellet or BB gun, with the exception that they have a much smaller and lighter spring. What happens is when you cock them back, it actually pulls back a big coil spring, which has an air tight plunger attached to the end of it. When you pull the trigger it simply releases this spring, and thus propels the airsoft BB out of the gun. Pretty basic huh?

The way the gas and C02 airsoft guns (which generally sums up the airsoft pistols) work is they simply use compressed C02 or green gas. The gas is loaded (and stored) into the magazine of the airsoft gun when green gas is used. With the C02 powered guns, the air is simply stored in the C02 cartridge it’s self, which goes into the magazine of the gun, or sometimes the actual stock of the gun. Each time you pull the trigger of the gun, it releases a small amount of the compressed air or gas, and that is what propels the BB.



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